Project concept


The photographs in the series ¨Constellations´ have been in the process of creation since 1991. Until now I realised more than100 constellations of the night cities.

This project consists of creating imaginary constellations by connecting streetlights in a night photo of a city. Connecting lights without considering physical distances can only be done in photographs or when we look at the sky at night and we imagine it to be a giant screen, thereby losing our sense of space, time and distance. 

Please send me night photos of your home towm or favorite city by email to complete this planetarium of our cities. I will make constellations and up to this web. 

Akane Asaoka


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out of space, out of time...

(Text by Rika Sugita, Independent Curator)


Constellation, Madrid, 2001

Constellation, Pusan, 2000

Constellation, Seoul, 2000

Constellations made by viewer's photos

Exhibitions 1992-2000

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